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A Diagnosis of any STD is catastrophic! Especially when you are in the public eye and people that you have had relations with want to sue you and the whole world gets to find out. We adore our celebs but these pages will make you realise they are just human after all! # 20 will absolutely shock […]

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Titanic – Some fascinating facts! The last ...

  One of history’s greatest tragedies but also one of the most mysterious… The sinking of the Titanic in 1912  brought about astonishing tales and questions.  Here are just a few examples of the story behind what occurred on that fateful day.  It is unimaginable what it must have been like on that sinking ship […]

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You Won’t Believe These People Exist! Deform ...

Check out these weird abnormalities, deformities and conditions.  Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.   #15  isn’t a natural condition but it will blow you away!     Abigail and Brittany Hensel     Born in 1990, these dicephalic parapagus twins seem to have the same body and separate heads, but they actually don’t share […]

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Check out these crazy tattoos! The last one will h ...

Some people will go pretty far to shock or express themselves.  Check out these amazing works of art.  These guys know this is permanent right?   HAND-EYE COORDINATION?     Facebook TWITTER Pinterest

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Women Who Kill – 10 Shocking Crimes

CHECK OUT THESE 10 WOMEN THAT HAVE COMMITTED VIOLENT CRIMES…….. Far likely to commit violent murders than men, numbers on women who do are believed to have increased over the years. We are so shocked when women are violent or murder but why is it so different to crimes perpetrated by men? We see women as […]

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Musicians and their Wacky Vehicles

Although this is a golf cart and not a car, it feature worthy. No prizes for guessing that this absurd mobile belongs to singer Elton John. Jay Ohrberg from Hollywood Cars was commissioned to make sure the star was noticed when arriving on the course by creating signature star glasses on the vehicles hood.   […]

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12 Strange Photographs From Decades Ago… Th ...

Here’s a look at some old images that are rarely seen  from History.  Each image is part of an intriguing story of either someone who used to be famous or has something to do with the way our World was shaped.   1897     This is the only known image of outlaw Billy The […]

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to design and build your own container home? Here are some incredibly inspirational structures and interesting facts about each one.   The cost of building these “green” homes compared to building a regular house is astronomically less, not to mention how little energy you use during the build, and they are legal! Countries […]

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Celebrities – If They Could Turn Back Time…

  We all know that aging is inevitable but we sometimes expect celebrities, with all their money, pampering and luxury, have immunity to this horrible fact of life. Here’s a look at some of of our favorite celebs and how they have aged…   Facebook TWITTER Pinterest

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15 of the World’s worst Parents! Have you ever b ...

So there’s no user manual on how to bring up children correctly, but these are ridiculous!     1.  Hang in there kid, we will be back soon. Wait is that a spear?     Facebook TWITTER Pinterest

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